The Spotlight: Professor Egghead Science Academy

Nick Fraher, Professor Egghead Science Academy

We recently asked Morning Report subscribers to introduce themselves by sending in a photo and answering a few questions.

Owner: Nicholas Fraher.

Business: Professor Egghead Science Academy.

Location: Los Angeles, Ca.

Employees: 20 full-time equivalents.

One decision that helped you get where you are: Focusing on developing key performance indicators to drive the business forward in a clear, objective way.

If you had it to do over: I would focus on profit first, developing and maintaining high profit margins on fewer products, with well documented processes surrounding every one of those products.

On the days you enjoy most: I’m most happy and productive when I’m solving macro problems in my business to improve efficiency from the top down. A great example of this is leveraging new technologies to make it easier for my employees to get things done, with my CRM and apps across the web.

One aspect of running a business you have yet to master:  Hiring and training for management positions, specifically for HR and Staffing roles.

Your most successful form of marketing: Inbound referrals! We’ve been incredibly successful placing an emphasis on quality and a fantastic customer experience, and building advocates.

Problem you would most like to solve? I’d love to find a way to more effectively diffuse the tension between sales and operations.

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