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I Got the Chaos Out of My Business

Now I’m working on my lifestyle. It hasn’t been easy to break old habits, but I’m making progress.

Something’s Happening in the Smallbiz Lending Market

When lenders retrench, it often means economic turbulence ahead.

'It Does Kind of Open Their Eyes'

In a recent conversation, Mike Keesee, CEO of Total Solutions Group, talked about why he and Carl Brown decided to open their books and adopt an Employee Stock Ownership Plan—and what impact that has had on their growth, their efforts to recruit and retain employees, and their ability to acquire other businesses.

If You Can Get a Line of Credit, Get a Line of Credit

Think of it as an insurance policy. You don’t have to spend it.

The SBA Has Made It Much Easier to Buy a Business

The biggest change is that you can now get an SBA loan to buy any percentage of a company’s stock. The price must be based on a valuation performed by an SBA-certified appraiser.

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Should I Buy the Building?

An entrepreneur is considering buying a building with as much space as he’s currently leasing. Or he could buy a bigger building and find a tenant. Or maybe he should just invest in his business.

Maybe I’ve Finally Left Behind the Chaos of Being a Startup

Part of me feels guilty about my new freedom. I catch myself wondering whether I’m doing something wrong. Should I be working harder?

Why I Decided to Address MultiFunding’s CyberSecurity

As we went through the process of picking a vendor, I learned that our situation was even riskier than I’d thought. The security risk of employees using personal devices made us more susceptible to malware, phishing attacks, and hacking.

My Ongoing Battle With My Email Box

My first plan to change my behavior did not work. Within two weeks, I was back to my old habits.

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