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Why I Decided to Address MultiFunding’s CyberSecurity

As we went through the process of picking a vendor, I learned that our situation was even riskier than I’d thought. The security risk of employees using personal devices made us more susceptible to malware, phishing attacks, and hacking.

My Ongoing Battle With My Email Box

My first plan to change my behavior did not work. Within two weeks, I was back to my old habits.

21 Hats Live: Engage. Connect. Leave Smarter

Join us at our next in-person event, three days of tax-deductible inspiration with no speakers. Just participants!

When It's the Boss Who Wants to Go Remote

Joss Burch is CEO of a refrigeration parts business, Keep Supply, based in Springfield, Mo., where he used to live with his wife and six kids. Early in the pandemic, they packed up and moved to Europe, where he has continued to run the business.

How Much Cash Do You Need?

Forecasting and projecting are challenging for 95 percent of the business owners and entrepreneurs we work with. And that's a probllem.

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The SBA Adopts a Double Standard in Lending

Getting cash into small business hands in two days sounds good, but is this good for the economy and for taxpayers? Or is it a return to the Wild West?

I’ve Been Trying to Make Myself Obsolete

And the last few weeks have shown that I’m getting there. But there’s much more to do.

Making a Statement about the Crisis in Israel and Gaza

I have mulled this repeatedly: this is my issue, but does that make it the company’s issue? 

The Right Time to Clean Up Your Books Is Now 

For many entrepreneurs, accounting is the last thing they think about when they start a business.

Is the Change Temporary or Permanent?

That's the first question to ask when things go awry at your business. Here's how some businesses have approached recent challenges.

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