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Is Treating Customers Well Noble? Or Just Good Business?

Recently, I was asked whom I considered a “titan of industry.” My answer was Bob, the local mechanic at Maple Glen Auto. The interviewer looked at me dumbfounded and asked why.

Got an EIDL Loan? You Have to Manage It

There are some misconceptions about the SBA’s disaster loans, and those misconceptions can get you in trouble.

There Are Better Ways to Help Underserved Entrepreneurs

Allowing alternative lenders to make SBA loans is not the answer.

Why Opening SBA Loans to Fintech Lenders Is a Mistake

The goal is to get more capital in the hands of under-represented entrepreneurs, but the results could be disastrous.

Why I’m Moving My Column from Inc to 21 Hats

Ami Kassar explains why he doesn't want to be associated with brands that promote alternative lenders.

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My Dream is to Move My Manufacturing from China to Brooklyn

I left the factory tour and thought about how convenient it would be to walk or bike to the factory from my house, just a mile away. When I go to the factory in China, it’s a 7,300-mile flight, 15 hours each way.

The Real Cost of a DIY Rebrand

Naturally we’re a bit curious when a business owner says he’s managed to save tens of thousands of dollars with a “simple technique”—and in this case, one involving just four steps. Given our experience in brand consulting, we decided to explore Michael Girdley’s claim.

Spotlight: Deliver Service Now Institute

We recently asked Morning Report subscribers to introduce themselves by sending a photo and answering a few questions.

Marketing Minute: Are You Targeting the Actual Decision Maker?

From Our Sponsor: Account-based marketing is about getting the attention of a specific person. Think about it as moving from a fishing net, where you catch whatever comes in, to a fishing pole with very specific bait, targeting only certain fish.

Marketing Minute: I’ve Got $10,000 a Month to Spend on B2B Marketing. What Should I Do?

From Our Sponsor: The trick with $10,000 per month is that you know it probably won’t allow you to do everything you want to do—and certainly not everything you could do.

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