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Ami Kassar met some inspiring entrepreneurs in South Africa.
My Opportunity to Give Back to EO

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I find there are rarely enough hours in the day, but EO helped make me a more complete person. And I want to make time to help others have the same experience.

Is the SBA Headed Down The Same Path as SVB?

Broadening access to capital is a worthy goal. But it seems as if the current SBA administration is ignoring what can go wrong if you inject capital into businesses that aren't ready for it.

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Bank?

If you are one of your bank's biggest loans, you are too big for your bank. But you also want to be at a bank where your account matters.

Is Now the Time to Focus or to Expand?

With our business working, it’s tempting to double-down on what we already do well. But do we want to be a one-trick pony?

Take a Breath Before You Move to a Big Bank

Can you Imagine what it will be like if consolidation takes the banking industry the way of the airline industry?

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‘I Don’t Know How We Would Have Survived’

From Our Sponsor: Logan Aguirre isn't sure her business would have made it through the pandemic if she hadn't changed the way she runs the company.

SVB Will Not Crash the Banking System

But it might bridge the divide between Main Street and Silicon Valley.

What Would You Do: Sell Equity? Or Bet the House?

It is possible to get an SBA loan for a projection-based startup. But you need a sound business plan, and you have to be prepared to kiss a lot of frogs and for the process to take as long as nine months.

Yes, Interest Rates Have Gone Up

That means capital is more expensive. But it doesn't automatically mean the expenditures you were considering no longer make sense.

This Entrepreneur Is About To Give Away Equity

He's making a choice between more control and faster growth. What would you do?

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