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Episode 9: Where Can I Save Some Cash?
Where Can I Save Some Cash?

This week, in episode 9, Karen, Jay, and Laura talk about painful layoffs, maintaining morale, and hunkering down during Covid-19: “We've been having a meeting for the last two or three days about, ‘Okay, we have X number of dollars in inventory. Can we pull a couple hundred thousand dollars out of inventory in case we end up being cash flow negative for the next two months?’” Plus: finding ways to help other struggling businesses and looking for opportunities to emerge from this stronger.

I Ain’t Going Down

This week, in episode 8, Karen, Jay, and Dana talk about the contingency plans they’re making as we head into the health and economic crises presented by COVID-19. Can they keep paying hourly workers? Can they keep their locations open? Can they find the resolve to hang on no matter where this goes? “You're gonna get through this. You're gonna do what you need to do. If you need to close the one salon, so be it. And you're going to come out of this whole thing because you're smart, and you're ambitious, and you're responsible, and people like you. You're gonna get through this.” Plus: is now the time to join a business peer group?

Maybe This Isn’t the Right Job for You

Nobody goes into business because they think they're going to be really good at firing people. When you read books or magazine profiles of business leaders, you rarely hear anyone say, “You know, the one thing I've really mastered is knowing when and how to fire people.” And yet it’s something that every entrepreneur has to deal with. Even at the most successful businesses, some employees are not going to make it. In episode 7, regulars Karen, Jay, and Dana answer the question: how many people have you had to fire or lay off? Plus: What do you do when you find you have venture-backed competition?

Mini Episode: The 21 Hats Business Owners Make Coronavirus Contingency Plans

In a quick update, Karen, Jay, and Dana talk about how the coronavirus pandemic has already affected their businesses and how they are planning for the future.

Special Episode, Part 2: We Want to Talk to You About the Bread

In Part 2 of our special taping in front of a live audience at Blink UX’s headquarters in Seattle, Brian Canlis talks about how he and his brother took over the family restaurant and what happened when they decided to modernize its operation: “We did lose 10,000 guests that year. And we lost money for the first time as a company ever that year. And we got three negative reviews in the paper. And we were averaging about a dozen complaint letters a week about how much they thought Mark and I were destroying a family legacy. That was a low moment.” Regulars Karen Clark Cole, Jay Goltz, Dana White, and Laura Zander join the conversation as well. Plus: how Canlis gets employees to work harder for less money.

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Special Episode, Part 1: All You Have to Do Is Be Better

In this special taping in front of a live audience at Blink’s headquarters in Seattle, Karen, Jay, Dana, and Laura talk about the risks of fast growth and why they haven’t taken investment capital. “I was so focused on growing that I kind of blew it up. I blew the whole business up by hiring people who we weren't ready to hire for. We were probably doing $5, $6, $7 million dollars in sales. I didn't need a $90,000 a year social media person 10 years ago. I just didn't, but I listened to what other people were telling me.” Plus: Dealing with competition.

We’re at the Edge Right Now

This week, in episode 6, Karen, William, and Laura discuss taking investment capital, dealing with stress, and why Karen’s going on sabbatical: “I just thought, ‘Okay, okay, I'll go.’ Then of course, I'm worried, like, ‘What if everything goes better without me?’” Plus: how are you managing health insurance costs?

Does Culture Really Eat Strategy for Lunch?

This week, in episode 5, Jay, William, and Laura discuss whether a great culture produces a successful business or whether a successful business produces a great culture. Do you think of your employees as family? Do you have anyone working for you whom, if you had it to do over, you wouldn’t hire? Plus: do you manage your Glassdoor page?

What Do I Have to Lose, Right?

This week, in episode 4, Jay, Dana, and Laura talk about risking it all, figuring out digital marketing, and connecting with your target audience: “Right now, my market is predominantly African American, but we have a lot of redheads. We have a lot of women of Indian and Middle Eastern descent.” Plus: how do you know if franchising makes sense for your business?

I’m Trying to Survive in Retail

This week, in episode 3, Jay, Karen, and Laura talk about competing on the internet, buying a supplier, and whether to take venture capital: “Who needs to answer to somebody if you don't have to?” Plus: after the Domino’s decision, what happens if your website isn’t disability compliant?

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